Remote Populations

We serve populations in hard-to-reach areas with a full package of HIV/AIDs prevention, treatment, counselling and family planning interventions.

Mobile Treatment and Care Unit

Though Rwanda has become a leader in rural health care delivery, there are still many parts of the country’s mountainous landscape that remain hard to reach. Many communities living in remote areas undertake arduous journeys to access health services and are often unable to commit to medical follow-ups.

Our Mobile Treatment and Care (MTCU) program addresses this need by travelling to clients in hard-to-reach areas throughout the country. Our MTCU provides routine follow up packages for people living with HIV in these areas who are enrolled on antiretroviral treatment (ART) at the Rwanda Military  Hospital. Our package includes ARTs, a range of HIV lab tests, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Opportunistic Infections screening and treatment, provision of Cotrimoxazole (Bactrim), ART adherence support, psychosocial support, family planning services, nutrition counselling, and Positive Health, Dignity, and Prevention (PHDP) support.