Edouard Mashyaringa, MBA


Edouard served as SI and Operations Director for AHC from October 1, 2017, to September 30, 2018. He led the development and implementation of AHC’s overall monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategy and framework. In this role, Edouard ensured that key information and feedback are reported to project stakeholders, builds the capacity of key decision makers to communicate and manage information more effectively, and develops systems and policies that facilitate communication between the technical team and other departments. Edouard also coordinated the operations support unit of the organisation.

With over 12 years of M&E experience, Edouard has held positions across a range of programs, including as the Strategic Information and M&E Manager at Drew Cares International, and the M&E Manager at Global Health Communities. Prior to this, Edouard supported UNFPA in Rwanda as its Information Technology and Data Manager, and also in the Central Africa Republic and Nigeria as the M&E Data Manager consultant on a UNFPA-UNAIDS HIV/AIDS Prevention, Women and Gender Balance Promotion program.

Edouard holds a B.A in Computer Science, and an MBA with a focus on Project Management, both from the University of Rwanda.

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