Dr. Judy T. Orikiiriza


Dr. Orikiiriza (MB.Ch.B, MMED, PhDc) is an experienced senior clinician with over 10 years of practice in Pediatrics and Child Health. For the past decade, she has worked at the Rwanda Military Hospital in various capacities, including as the Head of the Pediatrics and Child Health Department and spearheading the foundation of the Research Department, and currently as a Senior Pediatric researcher. Under her leadership, the hospital’s laboratory rose to achieve a four-star accreditation through the Strengthening Laboratory Management Towards Accreditation Program. As a result, her work was recognized and awarded with the first clinician-laboratory championship award.

Dr. Orikiiriza also works as a research fellow associated with the Infectious Diseases Institute, College of Health Sciences, at Makerere University, as well as with the Umea Infectious Diseases Institute in Sweden.

Dr. Orikiiriza’s research primarily seeks to understand the immunopathogenesis of co-infections such as malaria-pneumococcal, Tuberculosis in HIV-infected and -exposed children, malnutrition in HIV, and Hepatitis B and C in children. She has published work on metabolomics, proteomics and lipidomics of diseases, particularly of malaria.

Dr. Orikiiriza earned her PhD in Immunology from Trinity College in Dublin, focusing her thesis on the role of nutrition as a determinant of clinical, immunological and pharmacological outcomes in HIV-infected children.

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