Col (Rtd) Dr. Marc Sebaganji

Dr. Marc

Col (Rtd) Dr. Sebaganji, has over three decades of professional experience in the management of health
services across various countries: Rwanda, Burundi, Mali, Somalia, and Ethiopia.
Col (Rtd). Dr. Sebaganji is a Medical Doctor, a Lawyer and a Colonel (Rtd) from Rwanda Defense Forces.
Throughout his career, Col (Rtd). Dr. Sebaganji had more than 26 years serving as a military in the
Rwandan Defense Forces across national and international areas facing serious medical challenges
especially in Darfur, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan and Somalia.
In addition, Col (Rtd). Dr. Sebaganji worked for more than 10 years as a judge in the military jurisdictions
working on the management and judgement of civil and criminal cases in Rwanda. As a Medical Doctor
and Lawyer, Col (Rtd). Dr. Sebaganji served as the legal advisor to both the Rwanda Medical Court and
the National Prosecution Authority handling medical malpractice cases.
Currently, Col (Rtd). Dr. Sebaganji works as an Adviser in the office of United Nations Institute for
Training and Research (UNITAR) in Bamako-Mali.

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