Three reasons to be optimistic for UHC’s future post-AHAIC 2019

Last week, the Rwandan Ministry of Health and Amref Health Africa hosted the Africa Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC) in Kigali, with the aim of turning laudable commitments on universal health coverage (UHC) into tangible action. The conference’s 1,500 participants from nearly 50 countries provided a variety of lenses to view and discuss UHC, as well as some

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Dr. Maguy Mbabazi

When women are given equal opportunities and access to health and education services, whole societies reap the benefits. What’s more, when women are involved in the design, development and overall decision-making processes of those services, societies become more inclusive and gender-equal. So, what is stopping us from realizing this world? One of the largest barriers today is the

Top Three Takeaways from the International Conference on Family Planning 2018

The Fifth International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) wrapped up last week here in Kigali, Rwanda, under the theme, “Investing for a Lifetime of Returns.” Over 3,700 family planning advocates, global policymakers, researchers, young people and faith leaders convened to make new commitments, showcase the latest research and double down on strategies to increase access to family planning.

World Mental Health Day Q&A: Dr. Eugene Rugira

To mark World Mental Health Day 2018, AHC’s Clinical Services Director, Dr Eugene Rugira, explains why mental health support is critical to combat HIV.  Why is mental health counselling important for HIV patients?   HIV is a chronic disease, with no definitive cure or vaccine. Just hearing these basic facts, without supplementary information, is enough to cause panic.

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